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    Chroma Supply is a creator and distributor of high quality abstract design resources. Founded by Jim LePage, Chroma Supply's work has been used on many projects like book covers, snowboards, branding materials, album art and more. Check out a gallery of some of our favorite #MadeWithChromaSupply pieces.

    About Jim LePage

    Jim is an independent artist based in Texas and has over 15 years of experience in design, illustration and art direction. 5 years ago, he began creating and sharing his abstract painting and experimental digital art. After multiple requests to make the art available to purchase, Jim opened up a digital shop on his site. Years later, that shop has evolved into Chroma Supply. Find out more about Jim on his site.


    Along the way, Chroma Supply has collaborated with other artists to create products. Revenue from the collaborative product is then split between Chroma Supply and the collaborator. Interested in a collaboration? Find out more.


    Not sure if you need a Standard, Extended or Custom license? Our License page can help.

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