We love to collaborate with talented artists, combining their artistic strengths and interests with our knowledge and experience in bringing abstract design products to market.


Collaboration FAQs

What is Chroma Supply?
Chroma Supply is a creator and distributor of abstract design assets for your projects. You know those huge stock image sites? We're a smaller, more abstract-focused and extremely curated version of one of those. Find out more about us.

What do I need to create?
Ideally, an artist would have an idea for a modern, abstract, contemporary style product OR pre-existing pieces that could be collected into a product. This could be 3D elements, a texture pack, vector elements, smart PSDs, video loops, etc. Once you have an idea, we'll discuss if/how we can collaborate to make a highly desirable product from it.

What is the best way to come up with a product idea?
We've found that it works best when the product is based on something you are skilled at and already love to do. You know those fun personal art and design projects you do in your spare time? Think about how that could be a product. Not sure if your idea would work? Ask us anyway, we'd love to brainstorm with you.

Can I use existing Chroma Supply products to help create my product?
Yes! Upon approval, artists may use our existing products in the creation of their new product. For example, if an artist wants to create abstract paint video loops, he/she may use one of our abstract paint texture products to do so.

What else do I need to do?
Nothing. Chroma Supply would handle the creation of all product imagery, packaging of files, writing of product descriptions, uploading to several different marketplaces, promotion through our email list and social media channels and, of course, paying out your monthly commission. The artist is only responsible for creating the main product (although you're welcome to do more if you want).

How much do I make per sale?
Revenue is split 50/50 between the artist and Chroma Supply. Commissions are sent out monthly via PayPal.

How well do collaborative products sell?
What sells and what doesn't can be tough to predict and, unsurprisingly, our past collaborative products have varied in success. The most successful have generated $18,000+ over 4 years. Others have generated $500-2000 over a similar time frame. As of February 2020, we've paid over $16,800 in commissions to our collaborators.

Who will use my work?
We have a fairly broad customer range. It could be students creating personal art, freelance designers doing client work or professional design agencies from around the world. Our work has been used in editorial design, custom lettering, album art, book covers, conferences and more. Check out our Customer Showcase to see more.

Where can I see your other collaborative products?
You may view all our collaborative products here.