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    Artwork & Licensing

    What type of license do I need?
    Not sure if you need a Standard, Extended or Custom license? Check out our Licenses or contact us.

    Do you provide custom licenses for wholesale and/or large-scale projects?
    Yes, we're always happy to figure out a custom license for whatever your project needs are. Contact us for more information.

    Can you create custom art for my project?
    Yes, we can create custom artwork that is unique to your project. Contact us for more information.

    Can I use assets to make an end product to sell? Like tshirts, mugs, etc.?
    According to our license, a "licensed asset may not be used alone and unaltered in an End Product, but instead must be significantly different than the original piece; require time, effort, and skill to produce; and not derive its primary value from the piece itself." (If you would like to use an item in an unaltered way, contact us for a custom license). Find out more about our licenses.

    Can I use your artwork in my NFT?
    To use a licensed asset in a NFT (non-fungible token) artwork, you will need a custom license. Contact us for more information.

    Software Compatibility

    Are your textures compatible with my software?
    Our textures are all .jpg or .png format, both of which work in all versions of all major design applications.

    Are your brushes compatible with my software?
    All our stamp brushes are in .abr format which is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo as well as Procreate.

    Are your videos and animations compatible with my software?
    Unless otherwise noted, all our videos are in .mp4 format which is compatible with all major video players and editors.


    Can I pay with installments?
    We offer a no interest, no hidden fee installment option powered by Affirm. It's a safe and easy way to split your purchase of $50+ into 4 payments. Find out more about installments.

    Can I sell a product through Chroma Supply?
    We love to collaborate with talented artists, combining their artistic strengths and interests with our knowledge and experience in bringing design products to market. Find out more about collaborations.

    Who runs Chroma Supply?
    Chroma Supply is a one man operation run by Jim LePage. Jim is an independent artist and designer living in Texas, specializing in abstract paint and 3D textures and animations. Most products on Chroma Supply were created by Jim. Find out more about Jim on his site.

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