Buy now, pay later.

We know our Subscription and Extended licenses can be a big investment, so we've made it easy to split your purchase of $50+ into 4 payments using Shop Pay Installments.

  1. Choose "Shop Pay" at checkout and select the installment option.
  2. Choose to have your first payment due at checkout OR 2 weeks after your purchase.
  3. The 3 remaining installments will be automatically charged to your card every 2 weeks with no hidden fees or interest. 

Installments FAQ

Is Shop Pay Installments safe?
Shop Pay Installments is powered by Affirm. Since 2012, Affirm has been used and trusted by large online brands like Nike, Best Buy, Room & Board, Saks Fifth Avenue and more. Find out more about Affirm.

Do you see my credit card information?
Installment transactions are handled entirely by Affirm. Chroma Supply never has access to your payment information. 

How about interest or hidden fees?
No interest. No hidden fees. The only time you may be charged extra is if the credit card you originally used is cancelled before you've finished making your payments.

Can I split my purchase into more than 4 payments?
Currently, Shop Pay Installments only supports splitting a purchase into 4 payments.

Can I change the payment intervals?
Currently, Shop Pay Installments only supports a 2 week interval for payments. However, you will have the option for your first payment to be due at the time of your purchase OR 2 weeks from the date of purchase.

Can I still use a discount code if I pay with installments?
Discount codes still work with installments. (Check out our current discounts.)

What payment methods are accepted through Shop Pay Installments?
Shop Pay Installments works with debit and credit cards.

What if I forget a payment?
Once you make your purchase, Shop Pay Installments will automatically charge your card every 2 weeks with no interest or hidden fees. You will not need to remember to make payments.

Can I use Shop Pay Installments if I'm outside the United States?
Unfortunately, Shop Pay Installments is currently available only to those with a US billing address.

Does Shop Pay Installments affect my credit?
No. Your credit scores are not affected if you use Shop Pay Installments.

    More questions about purchasing with installments? Contact us.